Naked Norton


A native Virginia grape, this Norton is made in a rose style- a light bodied wine- our beginner Norton. Lighter in tannins because it is fermented off the skins and seeds. Hints of cherry and plum with a slight spicy finish. Try it slightly chilled.

A visit to our winery reflects the fact that agriculture is a way of life and wine is about emotion, dreams and capturing those feelings inside a glass. Our winery specializes in Norton and vinifera varietals, while offering a broad range of wines to suit all tastes. We are committed to making great wine at affordable prices, and represent the best that Virginia wine has to offer. All of our grapes are from Virginia and 90% of them are grown in Goochland.

Where to find us

In addition to our tasting room our wines are also available at Once Upon a Vine and Wegman’s in Richmond, VA.

Our Wine Selection